Features Of Horizontal Cartoning Machine


 Horizontal cartoning machine is suitable for cartoning and packaging of medicines, cosmetics, food, daily necessities, etc. and similar items. It can automatically complete the folding of the manual, the opening of the carton, the packing of the items, the printing of the batch number, and the sealing of the box. The machine adopts PLC control and photoelectric monitoring. If there is an abnormality in operation, it can automatically stop and display the reason, so as to eliminate the fault in time. The horizontal cartoning machine can be used alone or in conjunction with the blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a complete production line.


      1. The product will automatically stop when the box is not in place

      2. No paper box, no manual, no product automatic shutdown

      3. Easy to change the specifications of different products

      4. The main drive has overload protection device

      5. PLC automatically displays the boxing speed and finished product count

      6. PLC automatically displays faults and stops alarming to display machine operation and maintenance methods

      7. No product, no manual, automatic rejection


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