The future development prospect of intelligent automatic packing machinery


my country's cartoning machine-packaging machinery industry has some problems that must be solved as soon as possible. In order to catch up with the world's advanced level as soon as possible, there are still many technologies to be realized by our cartoning machine. If my country's food packaging machinery wants to continuously improve production efficiency, it should connect packaging machinery and production machinery, continuously shorten the delivery time, and reduce the cost of process circulation. In addition, the automation level of the cartoning machine should be further improved to continuously reduce failures.

Smart packaging has gained enough attention and development in developed countries, while in China, the research and development of smart packaging and its application in various fields are still in its infancy. But he also pointed out that from another point of view, although the application of smart packaging in my country still lags behind developed countries, my country's smart packaging market has broad profit space waiting to be tapped.

With the development of science and technology, intelligence has become the blue ocean of market development. As a sunrise industry, as long as the industry is related to intelligence, it has obtained huge packaging. Now that the incidence of food safety incidents is high, intelligent packaging has also become the focus of the development of the packaging industry. Affected by some factors, the development of smart packaging in China is still in its infancy and needs a strong market impetus to help its development. Intelligent packaging means that people add more new technology components to the packaging through innovative thinking, so that it has both the basic functions of general packaging and some special properties.

Generally, only the temperature-time history record label (TTI), the microbial growth indicator (MGI) in the packaged food, the photochromic indicator, the physical impact label, the leakage, the microbial contamination label, and the radio frequency tag (RFID) are used in foreign countries. , DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) labels, etc. are defined as smart packaging; while modified atmosphere packaging, antibacterial packaging, ethylene adsorption packaging, oxygen absorption packaging, self-heating/self-cooling packaging, odor adsorption packaging, aroma release packaging, moisture absorption Wrappers etc are defined as functional wrappers.

At present, the food packaging safety situation in my country is still very serious, and food safety accidents occur every year. Therefore, the intelligent packaging market must continue to develop, and the intelligent packaging technology must be continuously improved to ensure the maximum food safety. At present, my country's intelligent technology is still at a relatively low level, and there is still a big gap with foreign advanced technology. The realization of my country's intelligent technology has a long way to go.


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