The advantages of automatic packaging and cartoning machine


1. The automatic packaging and cartoning machine reduces labor costs and maintains speed, accuracy and stability.

2. Improve labor productivity, the speed of automatic cartoning machine is much faster than manual packaging.

3. If manual packaging works for a long time, mistakes will inevitably occur, resulting in unnecessary losses, but using a packaging machine can be greatly avoided. Although the automatic packaging machine is not 100% error-free, the error rate is very low.

4. The automatic packaging and cartoning machine can pack things that are not realized by hand or are difficult to achieve. Such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, isobaric filling, etc.

5. It can effectively ensure the quality of packaging. According to the requirements of packaging items, there can be different settings to ensure the quality after packaging.

6. The service life of the packaging machine is generally about 6-10 years earlier, and one packaging machine can replace the long-term high-intensity work of more than a dozen workers, which can save a lot of production costs for the company.

7. It is protective for the workers' bodies, such as toxic, irritating, radioactive and corrosive products. If they are packaged by hand, it will inevitably cause harm to the workers' bodies for a long time. The automatic packaging machine can be avoided.


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