Common fault analysis of cartoning machine


1) The conveyor belt gap stops or stops:

1. Check whether there is a shortage of materials when the machine is stopped at intervals, and automatically start the machine after replenishment.

2. Stop the machine to check whether the power supply including the power supply part, the motor or the governor is normal.

2) The carton cannot be sucked down:

1. Are the cartons neatly placed?

2. Whether the carton is pasted together.

3. Whether the air pressure of the suction head is normal.

3) After the carton is sucked down, it does not form or pops out at the mouth of the feeding template:

1. Check whether the carton is too hard.

2. Check whether the position of the guide rod for placing the carton and the box feeding template is not correct.

3. Check whether the small hook spring at the rear of the box feeding template is deformed.

4. Check whether the height of the suction head of the suction box and the box feeding track is correct.

4) The manual can't be sucked down:

1. Whether the instruction manual is deformed, causing the suction head to not suck.

2. Whether the suction head gas is parallel to the instruction manual.

3. Whether the width and size of the paper in the manual are different, the error must be within 1mm. The adjustment of the stacking position of the manual should be 0.5mm away from the inner edge when the suction head rises to the highest position.

4. The small hook above the suction head of the origami machine moves too early. Generally, the small hook should be inserted into the gap between the paper and the paper before the suction head is about to descend. The height of the small hook is adjusted by taking the air head to be at the highest position and 0.5mm away from it.


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