Daily maintenance and maintenance of automatic carton sealing machine


Introduction to equipment maintenance methods

One is preventive maintenance. As the name suggests, preventive maintenance is maintenance done to prevent failures from occurring. There are two basic elements, the periodic inspection of equipment to detect the occurrence of downtime or other failures, and whether the above-mentioned equipment maintenance for adjustment or repair can be excluded in the initial stage.

Second, it is routine maintenance. That is, daily or weekly activities such as equipment inspection, cleaning, adjustment, lubrication, replacement of parts, etc. This is to prevent the aging of the equipment, delay the aging speed, and prolong the service life of the equipment, which can effectively reduce the repair cost.

Third, is to improve maintenance. When the equipment fails, in addition to repairing the equipment, the overall improvement of the equipment should be carried out, such as changing the design, improving the materials, etc., so as to enhance the operation ability of the equipment and bring convenience to future maintenance operations. The improvement of equipment is not only necessary for maintenance, but also according to the requirements of production.

Fourth, it is maintenance and prevention. Equipment maintenance is not the ultimate goal, but an activity to meet the requirements of production and maintain the utilization of equipment. Basically, it is hoped that in the design and manufacturing stage of equipment, the performance of equipment can be improved, and the design does not require maintenance. , Equipment that requires little maintenance or is easy to repair in the event of failure, reducing the workload of equipment maintenance.


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